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Counseling Services Notice: 
As of March 30, 2020 Dr. Solie is providing counseling services remotely via Doxy.me, a HIPAA compliant video-conferencing platform.



Dr. Linda Solie offers psychotherapy services to adolescents and adults suffering from depression, generalized anxiety, social phobias, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, grief and loss, loneliness, and struggles with self-esteem. She has provided marriage and family counseling for over thirty years as well, serving as the primary marriage counselor for executives at a major corporation for seven years. Dr. Solie is a licensed psychologist.

Practicing a variety of counseling approaches, Dr. Solie specializes in communication skills and cognitive/behavioral therapy (CBT). She teaches clients techniques they can independently practice in effort to relieve painful emotions, change undesirable behaviors, and improve relationships. Dr. Solie writes individualized treatment plans with her clients tailored to their therapeutic goals.

To make an appointment, please call Dr. Solie at 952-239-4894.